SMARTPRO results disseminated in AUTEX 2017 in Corfu.


AUTEX is the Association of Universities for Textiles, which brings together prestigious universities in the field of the textile industry from all over the world and organizes annual conferences. In the AUTEX 2017 conference which was held in Corfu, Greece, in May 2017, the following oral presentations related to SMARTPRO results were made:
• “Textile surface treatment using thermal spraying for improved performance protective panels development”. I. Georgiopoulos, P. Ioannou, Z. Tatoudi, S. Pavlidou, D. Andreouli
• “The structure of materials before and after ballistic/stab tests on novel protective body armours”. C. Andrikopoulos, V. Dracopoulos, G.A. Voyiatzis