E.CIMA, is a leading manufacturing company for warp knitted fabrics in Europe. Our strength is based on that all the production is done in-house, from the warping, to the knitting, dyeing and finishing. With a team of more than 100 employees E.Cima has been developing his strength on 3D fabrics in several markets the last 10 years. Started in 1958 with knitting ketten technology from Germany the main markets of the company changed in 2003 with the acquisition of more than 20 Karl Mayer double bar machines to produce airmesh fabrics (3D fabrics) Nowadays, with investments of more than one million euros, our capacity to produce 3D fabrics is one of the biggets around Europe. Research and development, as well as the quality of E.CIMA’s products are key factors in each and every of their companies. Thanks to that, their products are distinguished for their high level of innovation and quality. A full competent team dedicated to R&D tasks, in constant collaboration with technician staff from their national and international suppliers, allows E.CIMA to be on the highest point of technological interest. The agility of their technical staff teams allows E.CIMA to develop special orders for each of their clients and in quick market demand. E.Cima has already participated in several European projects as Greenup ECO/09/266111, Supertex ECO/10/2772255, development of a sanitary washable mattress for health-care applications made of 3D fabrics and ST-C-Barrier a smart textile development for the measure and monitoring of the thermal stress.