NTT ( is a private non-profit research company established in Prato (Italy) since 1972. It has a staff of around 20 people (employees and in-house consultants). NTT represents a reference point for research and technological innovation in the textile sector in Italy. It is actively involved in R&D projects on textile processing and textile machinery design. It has participated in many projects funded by the LIFE programmes and the Framework Programmes concerning the textile sector and has acted as coordinator of some of them. For instance, NTT has participated in seven projects of the FP6. Moreover in FP7 NTT is involved in the following project dealing with the application of textile in high added value application (such as energy production and personal protective equipment): NMP- 2008-SME-2-228439 (20010-2014) where photocatalytic materials have been investigated; NMP-2007- 3.3-1-213903; FP7-ENERGY-2010-FET-256736; where nanosized spacer has being produced. The key expertise areas of NTT are distributed among different divisions. The proposed technical activities will mainly involve the Division of Chemical and Environmental Technologies, dealing with: chemical processing of textiles and nonwovens; research and development of plasma, electron-beam, microwave, ultraviolet, laser and enzymatic processes for textile materials; development of textile wastewater processes; realisation of textile analyses in its certified lab. NTT is equipped with different facilities to set-up and validate textile processes, e.g. a semi-industrial plant equipped with coating, lamination, microwave, ultraviolet and foulard modules; two plasma chambers, an electron beam irradiation facility and two electrospinning prototypes. The chemical and textile testing laboratory is equipped with different devices for mechanical and chemical tests including a FT-NIR and FT-IR-ATR spectrophotometer, a UV-vis spectrophotometer, a biaxial tensile testing machine, a DSC and SEM.