The company started 35 years ago with the intention to offer an alternative production proposal for shielding articles able to offer customized products. The production covers several raw materials from metal yarns to silicon electrically conductive and years ago with electroless conductive fabrics and nonwovens. The innovation is to offer conductivity according the surface electrically conductivity with all physical properties as water resistance, salt spray corrosion, flammability and mechanical properties as flexibility, tensile strength and more. This is related to the possibility that SOLIANI EMC can offer related to the fabric and non-woven made of several types of fiber as Polyester, carbon, Kevlar, Nomex, Polyamide and other materials for the type of denier and twisting method. The metals involved are nickel pure 1005 for stability in a wide range of corrosion ambient and flexibly after metallization treatment to guaranty the stable surface conductivity.